The Centrust difference: OUR PEOPLE!

The “New” Centrust Bank “started over” in March of 2012 with the arrival of new management team and new investors- Our People.

During the last five years, Our People and our existing depositor and loan customers – Very Important People (VIP) have been joined by dozens of new VIP’s. More new People joined the bank to serve our growing family of VIPs.

Together the People and VIPs of Centrust Bank have created a strong, growing and successful Community Bank with exactly the bank credit and deposit services required by the residents and business owners of the Northshore communities that we are ideally located to serve.

This will never be a “do it yourself” bank. You may have experienced this “style” as you were directed to a web site or call center of some too-large bank. Not very personal service, is it?

We want to meet with our Customers face-to-face, person-to-person, at times and places most convenient for business owners and depositors. We routinely extend business hours past lobby hours and into meal times with our VIPs because we know that they are also Very Busy People.

As a model for community banking, we focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses grow safely, profitably and with sufficient capital.  Yes, we have legal lending limits and some requests may exceed those limits. When they do, we will work hard for you, our VIP, to structure sound, well-secured loans funded through our participating bank partners, including the Small Business Administration.

Centrust Bank was the eighth largest originator of SBA 7A loans in Illinois during 2016.  We are quickly becoming one of the premier SBA lenders and specialists in Illinois.

Our Loan Department People are seasoned veterans, several having decades of commercial and community bank experience. Our Senior Management People own significant amounts of the Bank.

We are entrepreneurs just like our VIPs who own family businesses. We understand small and mid-sized business because we are one. We get Entrepreneurship!

From start-ups to transitioning family businesses from one generation to the next, we provide bank financing to the entrepreneurs that seek to acquire and grow their own family businesses.

We make it happen.

“When was the last time you met and spoke with your bank president?” is a question we often ask our prospective VIPs.  Many respond by saying “never.”  Personal visits by our President, a community banker for over 37 years, and our Senior Loan Executives to the businesses of our VIPs, often lead to loan approvals that would not have been possible by just studying submitted loan papers. Most banks do not function this way. Our People truly do make the difference.

As a nationally charted bank, our Very Important Depositors access to $250,000 of FDIC insurance per depositor. Using the FDIC guidance on structuring joint deposits larger than $250,000, we can assist you on insuring your large deposits.

We offer very competitive deposit rates. Because our competitors are always offering different “Specials”, if you see a higher advertised rate and want the service and security of a true community bank, call us.

Our People are at your service in our lobby and your phone calls are answered by one of our People.  They are steps away from getting you competitive deposit rate decisions in minutes.

We have provided contact information for our People throughout this web site. Please take a moment to reach out by phone, email or text message and get the response you expect. Decisions are made quickly, right here in Northbrook.

Our Very Important People make Centrust Bank a very unique, locally owned Full-Service Community Bank.

Our People Make The Difference.

We look forward to meeting you… in PERSON!

centrust difference