SBA Commercial Real Estate

Are you currently leasing or renting an existing business location? Is that location not meeting the needs of your growing business? Do you need financing to either purchase, refinance or construct a new location? The SBA 7a loan provides long term financing from between 20-25 years with balloon payments that traditional commercial loans have.

See the benefits of SBA financing as compared to traditional commercial financing:

SBA 7a LoanConventional Loan
Loan term-25 yearsLoan term – 3/5 years
Loan Amortization-25 yearsLoan Amortization – 15/20 years
10% equity requirement25-30% equity requirement
90% financing70-75% financing

Want to know if you qualify to buy a new commercial real estate by using an SBA loan?  Contact Tom Meyer at: 847-899-3793 or click below to send a message.