Centrust Bank Welcomes Two New Hires to SBA and Commercial Banking Teams

Centrust Bank Welcomes Two New Hires to SBA and Commercial Banking Teams

Centrust Bank announces the hiring of Juan Montejano and Robert Hilton as the new SBA Business Development Officer and Vice President of Commercial Banking. With their unique skill sets and extensive banking industry backgrounds, Centrust Bank is excited to welcome Montejano and Hilton to the team.

With over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, Juan Montejano has a vast knowledge of successfully providing financing for businesses throughout Chicagoland. When asked what he hopes to accomplish as the new SBA Business Development Officer, Montejano said, “I hope to help out in the Hispanic community and throughout Illinois. We’re a commercial lender focusing on SBA and Conventional Commercial loans to small businesses.  Juan is an expert at identifying a client’s needs and delivering solutions that satisfy the customer. Centrust has always made customer engagement a top priority and makes sure to help their customers every step of the way.

“It’s about the satisfaction that I can help someone that doesn’t have any guidance on how to go about getting loans or obtaining financing for their businesses,” said Montejano.

Robert Hilton has been working in the industry for 18 years and has an accomplished commercial banking background. When asked why he chose to accept the position with Centrust, Hilton stated, “It was about their commitment to serving small businesses in Chicagoland.”  He is also skilled in understanding and articulating commercial banking strategies for business owners. With a strong focus on community banking, Robert provides expertise in conventional real estate and construction financing, which matched up with Hilton’s goals as the new Vice President of Commercial Banking. “I enjoy being active in representing Centrust in the community in which we serve,” said Hilton.

Centrust Bank is dedicated to helping the businesses in their community grow successfully and profitably and feels that Juan Montejano and Robert Hilton will help achieve this goal. Their outstanding commitment to customer engagement and relationship management will aid in the overall success of Centrust Bank.

About Centrust Bank

Founded in 2006, Centrust Bank has grown to become a favorite North Shore community bank in Chicago that helps small to mid-sized businesses grow safely and profitably. Centrust has established itself as a leader and excels at offering SBA programs for small businesses.

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